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Madden NFL 20 is an excellent football simulation game. It is also disappointing.

Today, in the second year of running EA's frost bite engine, Madden's outlook and performance are better than ever. However, the second year of longshot, a story oriented advertising mode


Madden NFL 20 is an excellent football simulation game. It is also disappointing.

Today, in the second year of running EA's frost bite engine, Madden's outlook and performance are better than ever. However, the second year of longshot, a story oriented advertising model, was so bad that we had to replay it last year to make sure it was as good as we remember (yes, it's still great).

In this identity crisis, Madden's two main foods are also charged. The ultimate team has made significant changes to the progress system and provided more reasons for non competitive players to join. However, the licensing model (based on Madden's experience) is basically the same, except for adding (customizing) custom drafts.

Despite the problems, EA Sports is still close to improving Madden's translation of real football video games, so it's hard to complain too much. In fact, the excellent core game makes the miserable longshot model more eye-catching than Terrell Owens skipping his hall of fame entrance ceremony (although the front spacious receiver is on the cover of the hall of fame version).

Year by year adjustments rarely feel like they have changed Madden's experience, but over time they increase. This year's iteration uses a more refined approach from the frost bite game engine, which was introduced into franchising in 2018. You'll notice clear athlete animation, realistic athlete models, and perfect looking stadium lighting.

Madden 20 's immediate play is very refined, but you may find these changes hard to notice.

Real player motion, the biggest addition to Madden NFL 20 , makes motion more realistic. Running with the orb benefits most from change. Managing acceleration has become a more interesting hook. Instead of moving at full speed, slow down until you get close to the defender and knock him down quickly. EA calls this function "one time cutting", and its function is the same as advertising. The probability of falling is much smaller when weaving and threading people near the grass line.

Running games are still a challenge, you still encounter a brick wall from time to time, but you can also get the key through obstacles. This makes the game less focused on passing and gives players more options when deciding how to push the orb .

Madden NFL 20 doesn't feel very different on defense. The feeling of hitting and general hitting is unpredictable. There's no need for luck when loading the orb in an open space.

Madden 20 's immediate play is very refined, but it plays in the same way as the dress up version of Madden NFL 20 . It's fun to play. That said, if you only play Madden a few weeks after the new version comes out every year, you may find these changes hard to notice.

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Franchising needs to shine

For the second year in a row, improvements in other aspects of the game also affected the franchise model, which brought minor upgrades to the most neglected features of madden. Now it's time for EA to do big fflo (only for franchise enthusiasts). I made up for... You're welcome.

The model still lacks the visual presentation necessary to bring things to a new level. The list of areas lacking is long:

Midfield performances are still memorable

No weekly summary

For the concept of franchise, the statement of injury is unrealistic

There are still some errors in the statistical trace

Even the training and development aspects I applaud may be better if they show more talent.

You still can't create a team

Sandbox options such as full relocation, rule changes and League expansion are still missing.

You can't watch the game in franchise mode

I'm not sure which aspects of this list are blocked by NFL and which are not. What I know is that until these are added to Madden's franchise model (and in some cases back again), it will be the second or third tier franchise experience.

Well, at least the online franchise part is effective, which is more than the online franchise of NBA 2K myleague online and MLB the show that we finally cancelled last year.

CPU still playing bone game

I still see some puzzling decisions being made by close of the field or close to the first mark. The receiver still doesn't cut off his route to prevent crossing the line. When they receive the orb a few yards from the first inning, the CPU often forces them to move horizontally and then move on.

This problem has been around for some time and will affect the game play in each mode.

Injury outside the orb is no longer the same thing

We don't know exactly how long the players will leave immediately after the injury, but the injury off the field seems to have been eliminated. The process was previously interrupted. It seems that players will receive random damage, and there is no visual contact. Maybe EA chose to delete it completely because I didn't see anything in the game.

Patrick mahoms needs to be bothered

In most cases, the superstar X factor is great. But it's Madden that Patrick mahomes, the screen player for Madden 20 and the Kansas City Chiefs superstar, has what's known as the "Rocket Launcher" area capability. His ability to cross the body in the game is unnatural - even for people with physical talent.

It has some of the charm of video games, but at the end of the day, it's a bit unrealistic.

Mut still lacks team customization

My biggest complaint about mut is that I can't create my own uniform and stadium. Madden falls behind other sports video game collector models in this area.

The madness of coins needed to play the MUT draft

Mut draft is my favorite part of the pattern, just to play the pattern that should be included in the game and need MUT coins to be rotten. If it's just unlocked, it's different, but it's ridiculous to have to consume the money in the game just to play a pattern.