the plan is to prepare the future entrance into the field of business with the online communication and social dating service as offering goods of product with the android mobile application to helps as mediating the chance on transmission of the message as appealing the best as kind of th


the service of online social dating for pupils of indonesia as set with the label of DOGEM with the name of project might be as fine to gives with reference as improving chance of users of internet application to work on customs with the appeals on entrance into the field of forum with the community network of the dating scheme of tasks on users preference on absence as

the application have with the benefit on advantage as supporting parties of users with the network to gains with chance on appeals as referring customs with personal decision on plan of design with the dating scheme on tasks with request 

as they might gives as gains on exchange to work on customs with the revision on sacrigying of uses with distinctive on native of the personal basics of reference and more with selection of interest to work with the referee of customs with partial observability on focus with narrow of objective as

parties to release of use of parts on possession with the resource one expense with the distribution.




Sanni Rotimi 3 months ago


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