Getting Started on Swirge

Get to understand the basics of Swirge Decentralized Social media.
And know most of our added features and how to use them.


Getting Started With Swirge.

As a new Sign Up you would love to check around the Platform and Better understand it.

You can go to the menu section to see most of the Features on Swirge.

Features on Swirge includes our Decentralized Wallet to Make and Receive cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies. A Decentralized Marketplace to Buy and Sell almost any product category on Swirge. A Blogging Platform for bloggers, You earn rewards in our local cryptocurrency OKU, when you post valuable Blog articles on Swirge. Create Unlimited number of Pages and Groups on Swirge.

Your Free Swirge Account gives you an Unlimited Cloud Storage on the Bockchain. You can upload unlimited number of pictures, vidoes, gifs, audio, files, and more on Swirge for free. Your content and data are securely stored on the blockchain.

Now like any other Social media you would love to engage with the community. And it won’t be nice doing so without having a profile photo attached to your account. So upload your profile photo and a cover photo to better give your account an identity.

It would be great if you have your Bio(About Me) Updated as well. This will make the community to have a short understanding about your account, especially if you are a Brand.

The Best way to get known on any social media is to have a better complete profile. Same is applicable in Swirge, A complete profile will better give you a wide reach amongst the community. So go edit your account and give your account a complete profile.

You can check out trending Hashtags on Swirge to discover intresting user posts. One of the best ways to get known on Swirge would be to engage with User posts, by liking and commenting on Posts. And hey you earn OKU Coins for doing this. This method is proven to get you more followers.

Want to know more about How Swirge Decentralized Social media Processes your information to the Blockchain? Then check here.

If you’ve got suggestions on what feature you want added over to Swirge, or noticed a Bug on the Platform please do not hesitate to report in this Forum Swirge Talk. For any confirmed Bug you receive a credit of 500 OKU Coins cool.

Swirge Points        

You earn points each time you create a post, comment on any post and even react (like) on any post. Your earned points are automatically converted to OKU Coins and Credited to your Decentralized Wallet on Swirge.

To chat on Swirge click on the chat icon in the heder menu above.

Note: The use of all features on Swirge is 100% free, and there are no hidden charges. All your chats are end to end encrypted, private and secured on the blockchain. Your Video call data are not stored on any Sever or Blockchain.

Experience Swirge!