Swirge Monthly Update (25th November 2019)

Swirge Second Monthly Update.
Swirge Public Beta was Launched on the 25th of September 2019.
First Monthly Update was on 25th of October 2019.


Swirge.com Public beta went life on the 25th of September 2019 and since then it has been a fun adventure. Swirge has grown from 0 Members to 400+ Active User Accounts. We have worked on Swirge User interface, releasing two User Interface Updates in November alone. And from the feedback gotten from our Esteemed users, the present UI look is the best yet and brings a wonderful User Exprience to the Platform.

We Launched our Decentralized Peer to Peer Marketplace on the 10th of Novemeber 2019. After serious work, We now perfectly intergreted the Marketplace to Swirge, making your Experience perfect, and making the use of the Marketplace seemless, easy to understand and use.

We also launched our Decentralized Wallet on Swirge. To enable Swirge Users to easily make payments for goods and services, Recieve and send cryptocurrencies and fiat curencies directly on Swirge with the use of Recepient Usernames and or Email address. The use of Swirge Wallet is perfectly secure and completely Decentralized.

With our New Design Intreation wihich was released on the 17th of November 2019, We did away with the Space Module which was used to represent Groups on Swirge and added Pages and Groups to Swirge which is what most users are already used to. Users can create Unlimited Number of Pages and Groups on Swirge.

We now have a Wonderful Blogging Interface for Bloggers on Swirge. Blog and Read Blog Articles for Free on Swirge, the User Interface and Experience is superb. Bloggers Earn Rewards in our Local Cryptocurrency OKU for Writting Good Articles. You can Publish an Unlimited number of Articles on Swirge.

Swirge Comes with More Features. Such as the Hashtag feature, Trending feature, and User Mention feature.

Do more with Swirge... We added the Stories feature to Swirge where you upload pictures, videos and text which disappears immediatley after 24 hours of posting. You can now Share Audio, Location, Gifs, Feelings, Files and More on Swirge. Remember your Swirge Account gives you an Unlimited Cloud storage on the Blockchain.

Swirge.com increased from 4.5Millionth to 3.3Millionth Most visited website in the world, with over 10,000 Monthly Page views and an average of 9 Minutes Spent on Swirge.com.

Explore Users, Find Friends, Play Games, Buy and Sell, Watch Movies, Recruit Workers, Find Jobs, Create Funding Request, Join Forums Groups and Pages, Create Events, Create Swirge Based Applications, Create Games And more... all on Swirge.com.

Experirnce Swirge!