Chart says more about OSRS than RS3

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It's correct that runescape participant counts are decreasing, but I think this graph is not truly representative of the total runescape playerbase (e.g. one runescape player can log in and another can log off, where the number displayed on the old school rs gold site would not alter in this case), considering that runescape players reside in different time zones and also do not play every single moment. The hiscores on the RS3 site provides the amount of special RS3 readers (OSRS subscribers don't appear on here, unless they also play RS3 on precisely the exact same RSN) which have gained greater than 1,000 XP a month, as you can watch here for November 2019 (data up to December 2018 is publicly accessible ).

I have submitted this information on the RS forums around 2 months ago, so I will paste it below. The number in brackets is the current number of subscribers recorded for that specific month, which is marginally lower compared to that which I posted 2 months, as some subscribers get permanently banned (such as botting or whatever) or become F2P (thus eliminated from the Hiscores).Say everything you will, but I think it is much better to view more readily verifiable data (i.e. anyone is able to view this data for themselves). However, Jagex could make it a lot easier for the runescape players and provide subscriber numbers. I meanthey were providing weekly quantities of accounts prohibited in OSRS and RS3, before.

Should you count bots and numerous accounts now, we possess runescape players. Let that sink. Those amounts in the chart include fake runescape players too.Honestly this chart says more about OSRS than RS3. It's simple to say Mobile brought in runescape players who were not expected to stick around for long, but when the OSRS concurrent runescape participant count continues to fall under pre-mobile times (it likely will), then you know there is more to the story using OSRS's problems.

I presume it is because you are also disgusted to buy rs3 gold with MTX practices and the ongoing patronization of our community by jagex if you're here. We don't care that you don't care, and've heard that you don't care if you do not care. The objective of this article is open ended discussion into our valid choices as a community.We for a community are at a very dire location.