Swirge 2019 Year in Review!

Swirge LTD, The company, Products and Services - Wraps up 2019. Read this article to know how far we have come through 2019. And our Plans for 2020.


As we are getting closer to the end of 2019, most people are now summarizing the year's results and challnges. 


On the 25th of September 2019 12PM UTC we launched Swirge.com A completely decentralized Social media Platform built on the Blockchain on Public Beta to better build the Platform.

You can check out our Launch ANN Thread on Bitcoin Talk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5187495.0

Here was our first design that we launched with on 25th Spetember 2019.

Swirge First

Our first month from 25th September 2019 to 25th October 2019, we recorded a growth of 240 Total active users on Swirge.com with over 500 Monthly post created on the Platform.

After series of complaint from our users on the design and user interface being outdated, we upgraded our Design and User interface with a new theme on the 10th of Novemeber 2019.

Below is an image of our second design interation which came with a Night mode.

wirge second day mode

Swirg Second night mode

On the 10th of Novemeber 2019 12PM UTC we also launched our Decentralized Classified Marketplace with the domain https://marketplace.swirge.com

On the 25th of Novemeber 2019 making it our Second month of Existence on Public Beta we recorded over 400 Total active users on Swirge.com with over 700 monthly post created on the Platform.

On the 19th of November 2019 we upgraded our Decentralized Social media Platform to the current design interface as of writing. We built a better user interface, thereby giving our users a better user experience. We also seemlessly merged our Decentralized Classified Marketplace to one domain https://swirge.com and also added more features to the platform, like a decentralized Blog section for bloggers, A Forum, A decentralized Wallet, The abillity to create unlimited number of Pages and Groups on Swirge, Games, Movies and more...

On the 20th of December 2019 12PM UTC we launched our Decentralized Music sharing Platform called SwirgePlay on the Domain https://swirgeplay.com 

As of Writing we have over 1000 Active users on Swirge and over 2000 post created monthly.

The year 2019 has been a wonderful year. We launched, set targets, fell short on some, learnt our mistakes, corrected ourselves and came back Stronger and Better. 2019 is when we tested the capacity of our Blockchain on Private Beta and it surpased our expctations.


As 2019 is getting to a close, we already have set up our plans for the year 2020.

  • We will be going off Public Beta and properly launching 1st Quarter 2020.
  • We will be launching our very own fast, reliable and most secure decentralized cryptocurrnency exchange with support for the most popular fiat currencies including the Nigerian Naira and the Indian Rupie 1st Quarter 2020.
  • Our very own OKU cyptocurrency will be traded on our decentralized exchange and will also be listed on other centralized exchanges 1st Quarter 2020.
  • We will be Open Sourcing our Decentralized Social media Platform 2nd Quarter 2020.
  • We plan to get to over 1,000,000 Active users 3rd Quarter 2020.

This is the beginning of a new decade and with your support we will make the best of it, in 10 years from now Decentralized Platforms will be the standard and we will strive to be on Top!

Last but not least we would like to thank you for your long-term cooperation. At this point in time , we are in the process of implementing several innovtive releases, which will be announced at the beginning of 2020.


We wish you the happiest holidays and the best of luck in 2020!

Swirge Team