You Own Your Data | How to Download your Data

On Swirge you completely own your data! and can delete and download any information you need. Your Data and account privacy is yours to control.
And How to download your account Data on Swirge.



With you are in complete control over your account Data and information. Whatever data you upload on Swirge is at your will to delete, hide or make it private to some group of people. We continue to build Swirge to give you more decentralized options on how you can control your account Data and Privacy.

You can also easily download your account information and Data from Swirge to your device or disk drive.

How to Download your account information on Swirge?

Head to your account settings Click on "My Information" Tab Choose the Data you want to Download Generate File and Download.

All your Data and account information on Swirge are completely secure and availible to only you the account owner. is a Decentralized Social media Patform. And we keep building and upgarding Swirge to make the Platform more Decentralized and Fun to use.

Thank you for your support!