Swirge Features Summarized

All the basic and new cool features available in Swirge decentralized social media Platform, Summarized in this article.


Swirge is a Decentralized Social media Platform built on the Swirge Blockchain. Swirge.com is powered by Swirge Blockchain and Swirge cryptocurrency called OKU. Swirge.com reads and writes contents to the Swirge Blockchain, which stores the content in an immutable blockchain ledger, and rewards users for their contributions with digital tokens called OKU. The Swirge Blockchain serves as a Decentralized Database which holds all informtion and data. Making it impossible for data to be corrupted or deleted by thirdparties. Only the creator or owner of such data can edit, change or hide his/her data at will.


One of our basic feature in Swirge Decentralized Social media Platform is the ability to reward creators, influenecers and users for their time and valuable content created using cryptocurrency, Specifically our very own local cryptocurrency called OKU coin. More inforation on OKU Coin reward system can be found here.

The other notable feature is that Swirge will always be free! It doesn’t cost anything to use Swirge.com. It is free to post, comment, and vote on contents on Swirge.com. You might even get paid for it! Swirge.com is completely secure and decentralized you own your content, your account and privacy. You can check out our privacy policy.


Unlike traditional Social media Platforms that has limited features like creating images, texts and video contents with post limited to certain number of characters, Swirge has a wide range of use cases with all these use cases completely Decentralized and powered by the Blockchain.

One thing to note is that your free Swirge Account gives you access to unlimited Data Cloud Storage on the Blockchain.

With Swirge you can not only create 1280 character limit post but can also write unlimited character Blog articles.

You can upload unlimited number of Images, Videos, Documents and file folders on Swirge for free. Though it is capped at 2GB maximum file size in one upload.

You can also leverage our Decentralized Marketplace on Swirge to Buy and Sell almost any product for free. Together with our in house Decentralized cryptocurrency wallet Buyers can make payment to sellers for their products or services directly on Swirge without leaving the Platform. Our goal is to bring everything in one place to make it more convienient and easy for users.

Users can leverage our Decentralized Wallet to send and receive funds to users accross Swirge Platform with no fees attached, only the receipient username is required.

To incourage community gatherings we also added the ability for users to create Groups and Pages on swirge. You can create a Page for your Brand, Self or Business. You can also create Job vacancies on Swirge and recruite Workers to your company or business. You can create unlimited number of Groups and Pages on Swirge. Groups on Swirge can accomodte up to 500,000 members.

We also added the forum feature on Swirge for users to create and Discuss on Spacific topics, create Announcement Threads and more. You can create unlimited number of Topics.

Create a gofund me project on Swirge and recieve donations from Users on Swirge. It is free to create though the Swirge team collects a small percentage from the funds raised.

Play intresting online Games on Swirge. Create Applications on Swirge using our Developer API, Connect Swirge to your website and create share plugings. Check out our Developers page for more.

Watch free online Movies on Swirge Platform. Currntly due to policies attached to Movies online streaming and copyright policies only the Swirge team updates the movie libiary.

Save posts, create unlimited albums, poke users, create Jobs, Buy and Sell your products and services, find friends, explore and follow users and intrests all on Swirge. Do more with Swirge!

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