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No Contact Washing Hand Basin Kiosk


Challenging times give birth to Innovation
A long time ago, we were taught about hygiene; from primary school we were encouraged to wash our hands after break (long and short).

Which was to keep to hygiene as there were trying to teach us, we all shared same bucket. Who cares among us then? After all it is a ritual that most be observed and if you don't, anty would beat you. As she would check our palms to confirm.You would land yourself some strokes if those palms of yours are brown.

Fast forward to when my aunt would scold me for delving into food without washing my hands especially when the food is swallow (you know, I can be foody in nature). After all the argument and dragging I must go back to wash those hands.

One thing that had kept raging my mind is that tap knob, I used the dirty palms to turn it for water to rush before I washing it off of the 'so-called germs' and would use same palms to turn it off, who cheated who? I cheated the germs don't even argue.

What about the public restrooms like bank? If I don't use any public restroom, I must use that one in the bank even when I am not pressed and I can likely finish a 40-paged newspaper there before I remember where I am sitting. You can now understand how calling and inviting that place could be right?
But I would end up with the washing hand basin to wash this germs o. I don't know how many people that have been there before me no matter how beautiful it looked.

Then the senior virus came Uncle 'CORO', and shook the world to the least facet.
And it shook something in the brain too.

Here comes what it brought forward, NO CONTACT WASHING HAND BASIN KIOSK
Use feet to pedal water
Use feet to press soap
Use feet to sanitize.

This new baby is available at a giveaway price and the best thing is that it can be customized with your logo. Did I hear you say branding? Yes, that should be the word.

You can leave a comment if interested or Chat/Call 08133911439.

Rush while the stock still lasts.

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